The Vampire Redemption Book Series

A Southern Belle living her dream life in Paris, Lexie Miles is devastated when her best friend Emma is brutally murdered by vampires. From that moment her “dream life” begins to crumble. She discovers that not only was Emma living a double life, but her boss Tom Grant is as well. She is plunged into a 500 year old secret that takes her on an unimaginable path. When her mother, Cassie, comes to Paris for her thirtieth birthday, Lexie is bequeathed with a birthright that gives her super being abilities and the dubious gift of being the “Chosen One”. Her entire life has been a lie, and she is pissed.

Meeting Etienne Benoit, head of a secret society, she is inexplicably drawn to him, and she ignites in him a sizzling desire that refuses to be ignored. Etienne reveals his story and Emma’s link to the Society and her brilliant perfection of two antiserums. Lexie must come to terms with the concept that she may be falling in love with a vampire. She reluctantly accepts her legacy and along with Tom and Etienne travels to the headquarters of the Society in Southern France. They receive an e-mail from Emma that reveals the first clue in what proves to be a race against time and the dark forces that threaten to destroy everything Etienne has created. A traitor lurks among them and they have no idea who it is. As war rages across the land Lexie, Etienne and Tom hunt frantically to find the antiserum that Emma hid before she was murdered.

To further complicate matters, Lexie vows to exact revenge on the vampires Francois and Marielle who raped and murdered her best friend. Francois is Etienne’s son and Marielle is his wife and their maker. They are determined to subjugate humanity and use them as a food source. But, how can Lexie kill the son of the man she loves and Etienne is determined to save his son and bring him to the “light” side.

Lexie’s kidnapping and Tom’s death at the hands of Francois and Marielle spurs Etienne to take drastic action. The result leaves Lexie alone and despairing that she will never see her love again. Unwilling to accept this fate, she enlists the help of Kendrick McDonough, a Scotsman and Etienne’s second in command. Kendrick becomes her friend, trainer and mentor. Lexie vows she will never give up on Etienne. She will find a way to return him to the light side.